its hard to be attractive when youre not

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Have you mastered some level of broom riding I wasn’t aware of?

Ha ha ha ha ha!

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i really enjoy watching anthony and kalel on youtube

they’re so cute

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Child’s room + Master

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First bedroom + bathroom

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Top floor loft area.

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First floor of my take on the Norfolk.

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So you guys probably already know that I’m not that much of a builder (due to the fact that I’m terrible at it), but I decided why not give it a go again. A couple weeks ago, my family was looking at new homes and I was inspired by this one house, that I just loved the layout of. It’s actually called the Norfolk and you can view the actual house here. It’s a little different, but I tried my best. (minus the garage, plus the wrap around porch)

I usually download other peoples houses they’ve created and I felt it was time that I contributed to the sims community in a way that wasn’t just posting shitty pictures of my game. I’ll post pictures of the interior seperately, but if you wanted to download it (no one probably will but hey, why not), you can do so here.

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so i was looking into interior design and decorating courses in ontario and theres one at Humber for 4 semesters is only about 4 or 5 grand

im a long way from finishing high school but im getting excited about this wow

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can i log out of life

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